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Chef Knife

Chef Knife

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The production of knives and cutting tools in Sürmene, Trabzon, Turkey dates back to 2500 BC. In ancient times, there were many iron mines operated in the Eastern Black Sea region. Two of these mines were operated in Sürmene at the locations of "Koyun yatağı" and "Kale". With the effect of the mines, a culture was formed in Sürmene with the accumulation of years on the production of cutting tools. Since ancient times, all the nations that settled in this region have added something from themselves and ensured the development of cutting tool production. The Kuman Turks, who came from Central Asia and settled in what is today known as the Kumanite village in Sürmene, also transferred their experience in metalworking to the formation in Sürmene. Although the existing iron mines were closed long ago, metalworking craftsmanship has survived to the present day by obtaining materials from other places.

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